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It’s your home.
Make sure it reflects your voice.

It’s your building project, so the choices should be yours. From sub-contractors to materials, we make sure you have the final say. You see every receipt and invoice. Nothing is hidden.



Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. has a unique approach: we work directly with homeowners, giving you the option to self-contract your own home. Self-contracting is a great way to save money and build equity, but you may wonder if you have the time or knowledge to tackle it.

Surprised? Indeed, most people are unaware that they can do this. 

The benefits of self-contracting, without the headaches.

We take care of the bidding process while giving you the option to use any sub-contractor you may know. You also have the freedom to contribute as much or as little sweat equity as you like.

We specify everything ahead of time, before plans go out for bid. This allows us to “count all the costs” before construction to establish a realistic budget and eliminate any hidden costs.

Your dreams, come to life.

We also offer a full custom home design service, carefully planning room arrangements and traffic flow to maximize the size of each room by eliminating wasted space.  

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My name is Joel Grams, President of Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. Welcome to our website!

For 24 years, we’ve been helping homeowners save money and build equity.

With our friendly, professional staff, we work on each project as if it were our own. Our team approach revolves around you, the homeowner.

Good, old-fashioned customer service is not a thing of the past—it’s woven into everything we do. If you’re thinking about building or just have a few questions, contact me for a free consultation. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with your project. 


Our services

Construction Management

Our pool of professional sub-contractors holds construction quality to a high standard, with any construction discounts and savings going back to you. 

  • We put together a comprehensive specification book that allows us to get competitive bids, eliminating "hidden costs” while ensuring that your house is spec’d exactly the way you want.

  • We bid out the entire job using our proven sub-contractors, or you can choose to supply some of your own.

  • We schedule and manage the entire job from start to finish.

  • We ensure quality workmanship and conformity to codes and specifications.

  • We work with your lender, track your job each month, and process all requests for payments.

  • When your project is complete, we provide you with a complete project portfolio that includes a detailed expense breakdown, lien waivers, permits, and a certificate of occupancy.

Custom Design

Our in-house design team can translate your ideas into a personalized house plan that reflects your tastes and fits your lifestyle. We pay attention to detail to ensure that the plans work perfectly for your family, incorporating your thoughts and ideas into a home that fits your needs, your budget, and your dreams. 





Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. listened to our thoughts and ideas and suggested wonderful creative things that we had never even thought about. We wanted a practical and functional layout with a few perks. They listened. They explained about building codes and had the answers to every question we had. They were patient with us from day one. As the construction manager they handled all the sub-contractor bidding and monitored the entire process on a daily basis. Our numerous phone calls were answered or returned promptly. The staff and sub-contractors were courteous. The phone call to Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. was one of the best phone calls I have ever made.
— Ed & Karla Neumann • Cambridge, MN

Working with Joel and Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. was an amazing experience. He was very personable and we developed a friendship that we still have today. I don’t think there a lot of home owners that can say that about their builder! Our building experience was fantastic. We knew where we were at construction wise and financially before the hole was even dug. We never felt like the project had gotten away from us. And the home was built on time, and on budget.

When we tell people we built our first new home their reaction is “aaggghhh” but when we go on to tell them what a great experience it was, they look shocked! Joel made the whole process manageable for us. It was a fun and rewarding experience that I would definitely do again. Joel helped us make our dreams come true.
— Linnea Hudson • Lindstrom, MN

When my wife Cheryl and I decided to build our home, we wanted to be very involved with the design and construction. The only way we knew to do that was to hire Home Sweet Home Designs. We’ve known Joel for quite some time, and knew without question that with his creativity, reliability, and—most importantly—his integrity, he would guide us smoothly through the process to ensure our success in building the home of our dreams. And that is exactly what happened! We completed our home on time, and were 100% satisfied with all aspects of the final product. All of our sub-contractors were great to work with, and their quality was outstanding. We would, without a doubt, build another home with Home Sweet Homes Designs. Thank you, Joel, for an outstanding experience!