Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc

Design & Construction

Q. I have a full-time job and not a lot of experience. How much work is involved in contracting my own home with your service?

A. We make it very easy for you. Our on site Construction Manager will handle the daily operations of building your home from ordering the materials to scheduling the sub-contractors and attending all the necessary inspections that occur.

Q. Can I provide sweat equity by doing some of my own work?

A. Yes, since you are the general contractor you may do as much or as little work as you choose, and get full credit.

Q. Can I select some of my own sub-contractors?

. Yes, feel free to suggest any sub-contractors you know whom you want to work on your project.

Q. Will I be able to see all of the sub-contractor’s bids?

. Yes, every sub-contractor's bid is disclosed on the sworn construction statement and will be available for your review.

Q. Will I have a choice in the selection of materials going into my house?

. Yes, you will have the opportunity before the bidding process starts to personally choose the building materials to be used.

Q. How much money can I save by having Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. help me self-contract my own home?

. Typically, savings can range anywhere from 5% - 20%. 

. Can you help us locate financing for our project?

. Yes, we have an excellent reputation with several lenders in the area. Having Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. involved in the construction loan process makes loan approvals easier to grant.