Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc

Design & Construction

In today's economy more people are looking to self-contract as a way to save money and build equity... but may be questioning if they have enough time or knowledge to do so. Home Sweet Home Designs, Inc. has a unique way of solving this problem. We work directly with homeowners giving you the option to contract your own home.

Most people are unaware they have this option when building. Our service gives you that opportunity with all the benefits self-contracting offers, without all the headaches.

We take care of the bidding process while giving you the option to use any sub-contractor that you may know. You will also have the freedom to do as much, or as little sweat equity as you feel comfortable with.

Everything gets speced out ahead of time before the plans go out for bid. This way, we can "count all of the costs" before construction to establish a realistic budget and eliminate any hidden costs.

To further assist you we also offer a full custom home design service. Room arrangements and traffic flow are carefully thought out, maximizing the size of each room by eliminating wasted space. 


Custom Design Service:

• We will incorporate your thoughts and ideas into laying out a home that best suits your needs and budget.

Construction Management Service:

• We will put together a comprehensive specification book that will allow us to get competitive bids, eliminating the "hidden costs”, while ensuring the house is spec’d exactly the way you want.

• We bid out the entire job using our proven sub-contractors, or you can choose to supply some of your own.

• We will schedule and manage the entire job from start to finish.

• We ensure quality workmanship and conformity to codes and specifications.

• We will work with your lender and track your job financially each month and process all requests for payments.

• Provide you at the end of the job a complete project portfolio including a detailed expense breakdown, lien waivers, permits and a certificate of occupancy.